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Jenny Elizabeth, ACMHC, AT

Jenny Elizabeth, ACMHC, AT


Jenny Elizabeth, ACMHC, AT

I work with individuals who struggle with Chronic Unpredictable Stress, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) - due to a history of Abuse, Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Domestic Violence, and from the ongoing stressful effects of being Neuro-Diverse - (living in a world that is socially confusing, sensory assaultive, visually assaultive, and internally and interpersonally frightening).

I focus on creating safety, acceptance, validation, and understanding of each individual and how experiences have affected their life.  We then work together to integrate these experiences so a new, safe, and peaceful "Life Space" can be created and lived in.  We accomplish this on a base of hope, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and possibilities – all within a strong therapeutic partnership. 

I incorporate non-verbal therapies so clients can tell their story without having to use talk therapy if they have a hard time with verbalization, which is a safe and effective way to integrate traumatic experiences.

I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Licensed Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Master’s Degree Art Therapist, and Certified Domestic Violence Advocate. I am a person-centered therapist, and use biopsychosocial, & evidenced based modalities, which include:

•Psychodynamic        •Psycho-educational                   •Art Therapy
•Somatic processing  •Internal Family Systems             •EMDR
•Family Systems         •Metaphorical Processing           •Guided Imagery
•Strengths Based       •Cognitive Behavioral Therapy    •Mindfulness          

Therapy is not easy, but together, we can help you create a life of understanding, purpose, strength, and happiness – A Life that you want to live. 

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