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Jenny Elizabeth, CMHC

Jenny Elizabeth, CMHC


Jenny Elizabeth, CMHC

Specialties: Neurodiversity - Highly Sensitive People - Complex PTSD

I work with adult individuals 20 and older. My specialty is Post Trauma Growth, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), Neurodiversity, and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) - those who experience the world as socially confusing, sensory assaultive and frightening. I also offer Transitional Life Therapy to help make sense of the transitions in life so you can move forward in the most healthy and productive way possible.

I focus on creating safety, acceptance, validation, and understanding of each individual and how experiences have affected your life. We will work together to integrate these experiences so a new, safe, and peaceful "Life Space" can be created and lived in. We accomplish this on a base of hope, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and possibilities – all within a strong therapeutic partnership.

I work as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Professional, and Art Therapist. I use a person-centered and biopsychosocial emphasis, with evidenced based modalities, which include:

•Psychodynamic •Psycho-educational •Art Therapy
•Somatic Processing •Internal Family Systems •EMDR
•Guided Imagery •Metaphorical Processing •Family Systems
•Strengths Based •Cognitive Behavioral Therapy •Mindfulness

Together we can help you create a life of understanding, purpose, strength, and happiness – A Life that you want to live.

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